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Bicycle racks


A small extra for extra safety

The Lock is an option that can be added to the Classic series and the Frontpark. It is a user-friendly attachment feature to which the bicycle can be locked. This option is available in a single or double-sided version and can then be installed separately. One attachment feature per two parking spaces.
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/Technical data

  • Square tube (HxWxd = 30x30x3mm)
  • Round steel connection ring (D = 10mm)
  • Support feet (LxWxH = 90x30x8mm)
  • Steel
  • Single sided
  • Double sided
Compatible with
  • Classic Citybike
  • Classic Mountainbike
  • Classic Special
  • Frontpark


Single sided
  • LxWxH = 506x30x825mm
Double sided
  • LxWxH = 637x30x825mm
Surface treatment
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • With support feet and self-drilling screws

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