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Mobile Lockers

Discover our partner Mobile lockers

Mobile Lockers

Mobile Locker is the frontrunner for mobile lockers. This is due to the multifunctionality of their product. Their products are extremely popular in the event sector, but also with cities and companies.

Adapted to the niche

The company offers three different types of lockers, each with their own niche. The event lockers are ideal for festivals because of their easy assembly and disassembly. The seasonal lockers mainly shine on beaches, ski slopes, amusement parks, concert halls and the like. Finally, the permanent lockers are suitable for cities, municipalities and companies that want to provide compact storage space for people.

More than a locker

The products of Mobile Lockers are modular. The customer has the option to equip the lockers with wifi hotspots, charging points for cell phones, various payment options, solar panels, first aid kits, a burglar alarm and GPS tracking. In addition, they can also represent the colors of the location and serve as a landmark, but they can also serve as advertising or information boards, or as a parcel vending machine.