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Policy statement

Policy statement

Verhofsté nv aims to transform outdoor spaces into pleasant and efficient living and working environments with its state-of-the-art products and constructions. Our slogan "Shaping open spaces" reflects our role as an inspirer, developer, problem solver and producer. For our mission "Reshaping open spaces for a world in soft motion", the soft road user is central.

Our values are woven into the word "SHAPE":
  • Solution oriented: We strive to provide practical solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
  • Harmonious team: We promote a harmonious working environment in which teamwork is central.
  • Audacious - daring: At Verhofsté nv we do not shy away from challenges; we tackle them! Thanks to our knowledge, courage and perseverance, we are able to realize complex projects.
  • Pragmatic: We use a practical and result-oriented approach in all our activities.
  • Experts: Our expertise and knowledge enable us to deliver high-quality products and services.

Versatility, daring and innovation are in our DNA. We show versatility not only in our services, but also in the wide choice of (sustainable) materials that we process, such as steel, Corten steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, plastic and various (FSC) wood types. When we work with our customers, we like to take full responsibility for every phase of the project, from measurement and engineering to production, assembly and finishing. With our wide field of activity and great expertise, our client only needs one partner, which ensures simplified communication, faster and easier planning and a guaranteed high quality of the projects.

At Verhofsté nv we do not shy away from a challenge. Thanks to our knowledge, courage and perseverance, we are able to realize complex projects. For us, innovation means constantly looking for sustainable solutions without compromising on quality. We strive for sustainability in all phases, from the design drawings and choice of materials to the production process and even the life cycle of the structures. In this way we contribute to a circular economy. Our sustainability commitment is supported by our CO2 performance ladder level 3 certificate and the implementation of ISO 14001. We strive for the highest quality by using the best materials, reliable partners and suppliers, and by constantly striving to optimize our processes. The CE label according to EN 1090 for all our constructions and the implementation of ISO 9001 are an extra guarantee for this. We also ensure that all legal obligations are met.

To achieve our objectives, we expect dedication and commitment from our employees, suppliers and partners to reduce environmental impact as much as possible, while maintaining the highest quality standards.
As management, we provide the necessary resources and show leadership and commitment to support this.
Verhofsté nv strives to continuously evaluate its management system and processes with a view to continuous improvement.

This policy statement is available to our stakeholders, employees, partners and suppliers.