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WOW! is a one-stop partner for offering turnkey solutions for bicycle parts, car parts and bicycle parking.


WOW-mobility is a strong player in smart and efficient mobility through their solutions for (electric) shared bicycles and cars and the necessary parking solution. In this partnership, Verhofsté foresees a fusion between hardware and software.

Hybrid mobility points

The company focuses on multimobility and sustainable transport by connecting different transport options. This stimulates a smooth transition between transport options and creates or promotes mobility points. Included in the company's subsystem is their own, user-friendly software to share vehicles as well as to manage them.

Attention to user and customer

WOW-mobility responds to the need for sustainable development by innovating and entering into partnerships with like-minded companies. Central to their mission are the user experiences and needs. Their strength is that they offer user-friendly and secure all-in-one customized solutions that can be deployed immediately.

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